About The Great Gurkhas Restaurant

The Restaurant

The Great Gurkhas is family owned dining restaurant. Since opening in 2003, the restaurant has gained a reputation for providing an exceptional dining experience, inclusion of Good Eating Guide award for excellence in 2006. QFOL Gold award, Master Chef certificate plus wonderful reviews from the Guardian and Surrey Comet.

We strive to keep our customers happy and provide them with refreshing and relaxing atmosphere in style, quality and best service to ensure you have a tantalizing combination.

Nepalese Cuisine

Nepalese cuisine is a unique combination of food experiences from tropical low lands to the very cold arctic Himalayas. The geography alone has played a major role in eating patterns. So every region has its own cuisine, which is mainly based on simple preparation and quick consumption.

Nepalese food is prepared using a blend of spices and ingredients. Most commonly used ingredients are ginger, garlic, cumin, coriander, turmeric, black pepper, cloves, chillies, cardamon and fenugreek. Also distinct Himalayan flavours are derived from the use of unique spices as timur, a cousin of schewan pepper, mostly used in pickles & marinades. Another herb jimbu which is only found in Himalayas is mainly used in Dall.

The Food

We produce Nepalese food to the highest standards of taste and quality and its always good to be recognised. We show the unique style of cuisine at its most authentic and vibrant form, importing few ingredients directly from Nepal. We have absorbed cultures and cuisines from all over the kingdom of Nepal, essentially retaining their real roots.